Our Lord and His Cool Ladies–Tercero Parte

I promise I won’t always be all Sunday School on ya, but I have to finish my little series about my three Marys so you will know why I think they are so cool and why I have to learn more about them, so I am hopefully a better person at the end of my journey than when I began it. That being said, you will have one more after this as I always save the best for last 🙂

Mary Magdalene

This is my girl, right here, ya’ll. I love, love, love her. I cannot explain why, but I have always been drawn to her. Maybe because she had more guts in her little finger than I could ever hope to possess. Maybe because she is so mysterious. Maybe because she has always been much maligned. Maybe she is like Jessica Rabbit…she wasn’t bad, she was just drawn that way. If you Google images of her online, you would certainly think she was drawn that way.

Mary M. from the neck up, because those Master painters always make her look a little too...buxom

Mary M. from the neck up, because those Master painters always make her look a little too…buxom

Ms. Magdalene has been speculated about and gossiped about for centuries…nay, millennia, at this point. Her name is mentioned 12 times in the gospels—she is called more often by name than most of the apostles. She has been historically believed to be a prostitute….I have my doubts on this. I think she got a bad rep because she was following a bunch a guys around in the wilderness, but even if she was a prostitute prior to meeting Jesus, it doesn’t really matter, and who only knows what circumstances would have driven her to it, having seven demons cast out of her and all. Jesus redeemed her and brought her up and out of that life.

Traditionally, she travelled the then-known world spreading the Good News. Fearless, I tell ya. Scary Roman soldiers, leering men of all kinds, fear of being tortured and killed, scary snakes and scorpions, filthy boats, hunger, and goodness knows what else. And there was Mary Magdalene, in the thick of things. She was at the foot of the cross and watched our Savior die when many of his men followers scattered and hid. She prepared his body for burial. She was the first person to witness his Resurrection. Just…wow. She is the stuff of legends…and many have been told about her; some nonsensical, some plausible, some mysterious…and I cannot WAIT to ask her in person about her earthly life and travels.

Mary Magdalene may or may not have participated in some wicked sins prior to meeting Jesus, but she was certainly a human girl born with original sin like the rest of us, so she did have to repent—same as the rest of us. Because she repented and because she was so faithful and courageous in her faith, she is the Apostle to the Apostles. God uses people for particular purposes and reasons in ways we cannot fathom. He can take us from the most base position and shiny us all up for a beautiful purpose. He can take someone who would have otherwise been relatively insignificant and long-forgotten and turn her into a symbol of hope and courage for all the world for the ages.

Courageous, valiant and faithful Mary, help us to be as brave and loyal and believing as you. May the amazement and rapture you felt when you realized the Lord was alive on that Easter morning fill our hearts so that we profess it with our mouth and deeds, so that we may be a witness to all that meet us of the saving grace of God.

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