Seasons (Or Lack Thereof) of Florida

Linking up with Gina of Someday (Hopefully) They’ll Be Saints for Embrace the Ordinary. My very first link-up, yay!

In Florida, there are really only two seasons: hot and not hot.  Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere else, somewhere where there are true seasons.  I have never seen snow and have been to see true autumn leaves twice.  However, there are a lot more perks to living here than not living here, I suppose.  I can go to Disney almost any time I want to, and I never have to pay for it because everyone here knows someone that works there and that can get you in.  I am surrounded by beaches of all kinds: sugar sand, lakeshore type waves, rough surfing waves, rocky shores, shell shores, the kind where you can walk out for half a mile and the water is never above your waist (Hello, Keys!).  There are LOADS of other things that are not tourist traps, too…like hundreds of natural springs, festivals almost every weekend, year round agriculture fun, golf courses, fishing, rodeos,  y mas. Sometimes, my ordinary of living in a vacation destination gets to me, though, and I wish for something a little less Groundhog Day and with a little more variety and change

For some reason, this is the first year that I have noticed that Florida DOES get a little of all the “other” seasons.  They just happen pretty much all at once and in the blink of an eye.  I have been learning to slow down and NOTICE things this year, which is why I account for my newfound appreciation of my lovely home state. We do get a few cold days, and one time I lost half my garden to frost, but that is all pretty rare. Most days I can have fresh flowers any time of the year, picked from my own yard (or stolen from the neighbor’s), walk around with no shoes, or go swimming.

All of these photos were taken last week, January 26-30, while the Northeast was suffering from “Snowmaggedon” or whatever. All of them were taken within about 5 miles of each other, not in different parts of the state. You can really see we get all four seasons at the same exact time.



Spring! (Peach trees!!!!!)

Spring! (Peach trees!!!!!)

Summer (all year!)

Summer (all year!)



So I guess our ordinary in Florida is a little un-ordinary by pretty much everyone’s standards, but that is ok: eat your heart out, folks.  You can have your cute coats and cute boots and scarves galore (I will only be a little jealous). I will keep my sandals and then ditch them to stick my pretty painted toes in the sand…and if any of ya’ll wanna come down here and thaw out, you can be my guest!  Umbrella drinks on me! I make a really good Miami Vice!

2 thoughts on “Seasons (Or Lack Thereof) of Florida

  1. So beautiful! So you’ve in lived in FL your whole life? I am a bit envious of the beaches and warm…and gardening with ease… Thank you for sharing! Glad you joined the link-up!


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