7 QT: Expected and Unexpected

This has been an oddly weird and long week and yet, I am slightly horrified that nearly two months have passed since Christmas. Holy cow. This week had a few surprises and some planned things with surprising outcomes. Linking up with Kelly at This Ain’t the Lyceum for Seven Quick Takes.


Sunday was an especially busy day for us. Mi amor and myself went to early Mass because his family was coming over and we were all going to an event I wasn’t terribly looking forward to: a Juan Gabriel concert. I love to listen to Spanish music, but I didn’t know this particular singer (despite his being one of the most famous ever in Mexico, apparently) and I felt a teensy bit apprehensive going to such a large event because I hate crowds–and, if I am honest, even though I love my husband and his culture and have thoroughly enjoyed every previous event, and no one has ever been mean to me EVER, I still get nervous when I am the ONLY “outsider”. I am not afraid of people or su raza, but more afraid that I am intruding…does that make sense? It doesn’t really make sense to me either…Anyway, it was SO.MUCH.FUN!!!!! Think Elton John–only less piano and more mariachi. Seriously, it was a blast. Who wouldn’t have fun raising a margarita with 20,000 Mexicans swaying to a Spanish guitar??



I have a love/hate relationship with the Goodwill. I love what it stands for and I love finding a deal, but I hate the exhausting hunt and the long checkout line. Mom-in-law (La Doña) really loves the place, though, and no visit from her is over until we have carted her to her fave shopping Mecca. After about half an hour, she is still sifting through the color-coded mile-long racks and I am usually chillin’ in an old velvet wingback. THIS time, a most coveted, long-searched for item caught my eye: a 10×7 area rug the exact shade of turquoise needed for our newly remodeled family room. Tag still on it, people. Brand-spankin’ new. This exact rug is $200 at Target, but ya girl got it for $60!

Now if only I could find the perfect slip chairs...

Now if only I could find the perfect slip chairs…


So, as we all know, Ash Wednesday ushered in the Lenten season this week. Hubby and I have to be at work at 8am, so we usually make the evening Mass. I was a very good “faster” this year and ate a small scoop of tuna fish during the day and a tilapia filet with mango salsa with veggies for dinner. Husband elected to go vegetarian and eat sweet breads. The man will never give up sugar for Lent.



Speaking of Lent and fasting, I signed myself up for some hardcore penance. I didn’t know it at the time, because I had been doing a modified hybrid of Paleo/South Beach diet for months and thought I was pretty good with restrictions, but 3 days in, this is no joke. I committed myself to doing a “Whole 30”, only it is a “Whole 40”, with Kelly at This Ain’t The Lyceum. I am taking Sundays off, because Sundays aren’t really meant for penance and I don’t really have any health issues I am trying to combat, but we truly ARE in the desert, people. I did not expect to miss what little freedom I had, mainly eating cheese.  I find myself praying for strength and will-power pretty often, which is good, and I have decided just to purge my house and donate all that I cannot have to the migrant worker mission–which is a lot.

Pretty much cannot have ANY of this...

Pretty much cannot have ANY of this…


All this fasting has also brought another benefit (not unexpected, but pleasant, nonetheless)…I have officially lost 3 pounds since I started this Whole 40 thing, which brings me up to 42 pounds since I started eating better in September.

I can't even BEAR to look...

I can’t even BEAR to look…

photo (3)

Down 4 sizes 🙂


I have a mountain of clothes to donate, too!

Now, if someone could donate some transition clothes to me...26 more pounds to go!

Now, if someone could donate some transition clothes to me…26 more pounds to go!


See my new pretty that came in the mail this week??  Even though she was about ready to pop from being pregnant with a decent-sized man-child, Jenna at Call Her Happy sent my order out faster than I could bat an eyelash. You should check out her store on her blog or on Etsy and buy your own pretty. But give her a few weeks or so, as she just had her sweet little baby this week. It will break my heart to give this away to my friend for her birthday, but I will choose another for myself soon.

Happy birthday, Amber!

Happy birthday, Amber!

2 thoughts on “7 QT: Expected and Unexpected

  1. I feel the same way about Goodwill!! Finding bargains is so exciting, but digging for them and the lines…draining!!

    YOU LOOK AMAZING. Way to go on the health-train!! I keep thinking about doing a Whole 30…but I can’t bear to think of giving up dairy!


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